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Taxpayer Funding

Increased Healthcare Costs for All Marylanders
Includes costs incurred after each procedure for a 14 day window
Phalloplasty (Construction of a penis)
Vaginoplasty (Construction of a vagina)
Hysterectomy (Removal of uterus and cervix)
Orchiectomy (Removal of the testicles)
Mastectomy (Removal of breasts)
Mammoplasty (Reshape breasts)
FFS (Facial Feminization Surgeries)
Per Procedure
Per Person
(multi-episode procedures)
(multi-episode procedures)
MEDICATIONS to maintain suppression of Natural Hormones
Estrogren and Anti-Androgens
GnRH Agonists (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone) *Puberty Blocker
Age When Starting
> 14 years old
> 14 years old
8-14 years old
End Point / Duration
Lifetime Medical Dependence to maintain gender appearance
Lifetime Medical Dependence to maintain gender appearance
3-5 years
Annual Medication Costs Per Person

Data from NIH National Library of Medicine:

Table above reveals costs associated with gender-affirming surgeries and related hormone therapies. When any law is passed that promotes certain behaviors, those behaviors tend to increase. When something becomes a Constitutional right, money cannot be a barrier to exercise that right. All Marylanders will be paying for these elective, experimental surgeries and related hormone costs through increased taxes and private health insurance premiums.

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