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A Letter to Voters from Health Not Harm MD

Dear Maryland Voter,

I am writing you to express our concerns about the so-called "Reproductive Freedom" Amendment to the Maryland Constitution. Voters will be asked to vote for or against this deceptive ballot question during the November 2024 General Election. 

We respectfully ask you to VOTE NO in NOvember 2024.

Maryland politicians, pressured by well-funded, out of state special interests, have proposed this dangerous and extreme amendment that puts women and children at risk.  Whether you consider yourself "pro-life" or "pro-choice", the "Reproductive Freedom" Amendment

goes too far. 

The "Reproductive Freedom" ballot question is intentionally vague, but is not simply about abortion rights ​which are already fully protected under state law. 


Instead, the amendment targets children for dangerous elective procedures including experimental gender transition procedures and sterilization, and threatens to eliminate parental rights to make important medical decisions for their minor children. 


The amendment states that any "individual" regardless of age or gender, has an unlimited right to alter their reproductive anatomy.  State lawmakers refused to add parental consent requirements for children under 18.


The amendment also would remove existing safeguards for women

making abortion unsafe in Maryland and depriving women access to lifesaving choices, like quality prenatal care or Pregnancy Resource Centers.


The Maryland General Assembly has removed legal protections and drastically reduced the medical standard of care for women seeking abortion.  Abortion is no longer a matter between a woman and her doctor but any individual can be certified by the State to perform abortions for any reason, through birth.   If approved, this amendment will forever prevent lawmakers from enacting any safeguards for women's health and safety.

The amendment is an assault on Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms, including free speech and free exercise of religion and would be used to harass medical providers, faith-based organizations and Pregnancy Resource Centers.  Any citizen or organizations that fails to comply with this radical agenda, could be held guilty of discrimination and dragged through costly court battles. 

Finally, the amendment forces taxpayers to fully fund these high-risk, medically unnecessary procedures not only for residents, but for thousands of women and children the state intends to have trafficked across state lines, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars each year.  This will only benefit the special interests and political campaigns, while leaving women and children vulnerable to medical abuse, injury and death.

Maryland voters must tell the state to put patients before politics and profits and to protect every person's right to Health Not Harm

Please VOTE NO in NOvember 2024.  And if you support parents and patients rights, kindly consider donating to this important human rights cause.



Deborah Brocato, Retired RN

President, Health Not Harm MD

Ballot Issue Committee

By authority of Health Not Harm MD, Anne Fox Treasurer.

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