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Parental Rights at Stake

​The deceptive "Reproductive Freedom" Amendment is an all-out assault on parental rights in Maryland.  ​

State lawmakers testified that the "Reproductive Freedom" Amendment would establish new transgender rights and authorize the government to use taxpayer dollars to fund and  promote puberty blocking drugs and surgical mutilation of genitalia - even among children without parental consent. 

If approved, the amendment will allow school counselors and others to refer schoolchildren for “gender transition” procedures with no notice to parents and no rights of the parents to object.  

In states where similar laws have been enacted, parents who try to stop the drugging and mutilation of their minor children are being threatened with loss of custody.​

The radical "Reproductive Freedom" Amendment, goes too far, targeting our children and separating them from their parents' protection. ​

VOTE NOvember 2024.

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