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Human Rights Violated

The Constitution of the United States guarantees to the people certain fundamental rights, the right to life, freedom of speech, free exercise of religion and equal protection under the law. But the radical "Reproductive Freedom" Amendment threatens all of these rights and would weaponize the Maryland Constitution against the people.

By making "Reproductive Freedom" a fundamental right, the state will use the law to force compliance with their radical agenda.   

County and local governments will be forced to implement this extreme policy and taxpayers would be forced to fully fund dangerous elective "health" procedures.  

Elected representatives would lose their Constitutional power to make laws to protect women and children from medical negligence and predatory practices.


Parents would lose their rights to make medical decisions for their children and could be threatened with loss of custody for failure to comply.

Pregnancy Resource Centers and pro-life medical providers would be forced to participate in abortion and transgender surgeries or be put out of business.

Churches and faith-based organizations would be harassed and sued for "discrimination".

The so-called "Reproductive Freedom" goes too far, and violates human rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

VOTE NOvember 2024.

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