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The Maryland
"Reproductive Freedom Amendment"

would actually Violate Fundamental Freedoms of Maryland Citizens
It is a Dangerous and Deceptive State Takeover of Your Parental Rights.
This Push to Change Our Maryland Constitution is an Assault on Families and Women.

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What Is At Stake

Erases Parental Rights

If the Reproductive Freedom Amendment is approved, parents would lose their rights to make medical decisions for their children. Parents who will not give consent to medically unnecessary procedures could lose custody of their children. The state could use the amendment to remove children from the love and protection of their parents.

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Erodes Necessary Health and Safety Standards

If the Reproductive Freedom Amendment is approved, existing laws and regulations to protect women and children against medical negligence and coercion would be repealed. No protective laws could ever be enacted. This would make abortion and other reproductive procedures unsafe. Medical providers would not be held accountable for the injury or death of their patients.

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Eliminates Fundamental Freedoms

If approved by voters, the Reproductive Freedom Amendment would weaponize the Maryland Constitution against the people. Fundamental freedoms including life, freedom of speech, free exercise of religion, due process and equal protection would be violated by the power of the government.


Orders Taxpayer Funding

The Reproductive Freedom Amendment would force Maryland taxpayers to pay tens of millions of dollars each year for medically unnecessary, inhumane and even experimental procedures. The amendment would make Maryland a regional draw for elective late term abortion tourism and "gender affirming" care for out of state residents, leaving Maryland taxpayers holding the bill.

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